1.4 Node-locked license scheme

A node-locked license locks the tools to a particular computer, or more accurately to a particular host ID.

A node-locked license is a good choice for an installation that will be used by one user on a single computer.
The tools license is tied to a particular host ID. If the device you used for the host ID fails, you cannot use the licensed product. The host ID used cannot be changed without a replacement license being supplied by ARM.
The following example shows part of a typical node-locked license. This license allows the use of the specified ARM application, fromelf, on the single specific computer that is identified by its hostid value of 001F12FEAB43.
Typical node-locked license extract
INCREMENT fromelf armlmd 5.0201105 permanent uncounted 6AB6805Z33A6 \
HOSTID=001F12FEAB43 ISSUER="ARM Limited" \
NOTICE="For support see http://www.arm.com/support/" \
SN=ABCDE-12345-ZYXWV SIGN="9280 B58A 6ED0 814C 4D0C C3AD \
5D85 ABC7 5FDF 5555 7772 F529 52E4 0C52 C836 1812 4492 3263 \
61F4 5E7B 373F A4F4 0E6C 824B CB71 B8D8 2DB8 3D39 994F 7E1E" \
SIGN2="ED41 1634 F698 AC5E 6645 E5B4 CEDA 97D1 A5D2 93E1 6E01 \
937F CDD7 27A9 921B 1C0C F281 4DDE F1A2 6A20 9308 C5E1 4613 \
8C4F AA7E A3BC 2ACE C483 0F2D B7CB"
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