1.2 Tool licensing schemes

Eclipse for DS-5 is license managed by FlexNet Publisher software from Flexera, that uses FlexNet technology.

This means that a valid license file must be installed before DS-5 can be used. The following licensing schemes are available:
  • Node-locked license scheme.
  • Floating license scheme.
The licensing scheme that is used is selected when the product is purchased. If you want to change the licensing scheme that you are using, you must contact ARM License Support.

Licensing options for remote working

The following options are available for remote users:
  • Install a license server with a floating license. Remote users can check-out licenses from the server, provided that network access is available.
  • For a node-locked license, obtain a license that is registered to:
    • The host ID of the machine used by the remote user.
    • The MAC address of a USB Ethernet card. This card can then be plugged into any machine that has the ARM DS-5 tools installed.
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