1.3 Types of license

A license is a text file containing information about the type of license, how long the license lasts and what applications it is used for.

The following types of license are supported:
A permanent license does not have an expiry date. Using the fromelf utility as an example, the format of a permanent license is:
INCREMENT fromelf armlmd 5.0201105 permanent …
If you fulfill your license in May 2010 you can use 5.0 and any new patches that are released up to end of May 2011.
If your license period is limited by a Service and Maintenance (S&M) agreement, and the period lapses, your version of the product, together with any patches you received within that period continues to function as normal. However, if you want to use a patch that is later than this date, you must purchase another S&M license. If you then purchase an additional two-year license, the new license includes:
UPGRADE fromelf armlmd 5.0201305 permanent …
If you fulfill your license in May 2010, 5.0201305 gives a user three years entitlement to download and use patches.
A term license has a specific expiry date. For example:
INCREMENT fromelf armlmd 5.0201205 31-July-2012 …
This means you can use version 5.0 and any new patches to fromelf that are released before the end of May, but you get a license expiry error after the 31st July 2012.
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