3.2 Installing a node-locked license manually (Windows only)

Instead of using the ARM License Manager, you can install your node-locked license manually.

To manually install a node-locked license on a Windows computer:


  1. Retrieve your license from the ARM web licensing portal.
  2. Save the license file as a .lic file (for example, license.lic) and place it in an appropriate directory on your computer.
  3. Create or modify an environment variable called ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE to point to the location of your license. This location can either be the full path of the license file, or it can be the full path to the directory containing the license file. If only the directory path is specified, the license file must be a .lic file (for example, license.lic).


    The length of ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE must not be more than 260 characters.
    For example, to create the variable from the Windows Control Panel:
    • Select Start > Control Panel to open the Control Panel.
    • Double click on the System icon in the Control Panel. An easy way to find this icon is to change the Control Panel view to Classic View.
    • Click the Advanced tab in Windows 2000 or XP, or the Advanced system settings task in Windows Vista or Windows 7, then click the Environment Variables button.
    • Create a new system environment variable, ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE, and set its value to point to the location of your license.
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