4.2 Setting up your licensing server environment with the ARM License Manager

Use the ARM License Manager to configure licensing only for single-server license configurations.

To set up your ARM licensing environment for DS-5 using the ARM License Manager:


  1. Start Eclipse for DS-5.
  2. Select Help > ARM License Manager from the Eclipse for DS-5 menu to display the ARM License Manager dialog box.
  3. Select Add License to display the Add License dialog box as the following figure shows:
    Figure 4-1 Add License dialog box
    Add License dialog box

  4. In the Select License Type page, select Use a license file, license server, serial number, or activation code. Then click Next.
  5. In the Obtain a new license page, select Use an existing license file or license server address, then click Next >.
    The Enter existing license details page is displayed, as the figure shows.
    Figure 4-2 Enter existing license details page
    Existing license page

  6. Select License Server to specify the floating license server.
  7. Enter the floating license server host name in the Host field and the port number in the Port field.
    If you are using a default server port in the range between 27000 and 27009 inclusive, omit the port number.
  8. After you add your license sources, click Finish to add the license server to the list of license sources for your computer. The new license server is added to the list of server licenses shown in the ARM License Manager dialog box.
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