4.3 Setting up your licensing server environment from the Control Panel (Windows clients only)

You can use the Control Panel to set environment variables on supported Windows variants.

Use the Windows Control Panel for a three floating license server configuration.


You must have administrator privileges to set system environment variables.


  1. Click Start > Control Panel to open the Control Panel.
  2. Double click on the System icon in the Control Panel. An easy way to find this icon is to change the Control Panel view to Classic View.
  3. Click the Advanced tab in Windows 2000 or XP, or the Advanced system settings task in Windows Vista or Windows 7, then click the Environment Variables button.
  4. Create a new system environment variable, ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE, and set its value. This must include valid port@server information.


    The length of ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE must not be more than 260 characters.


    If a default port in the range between 27000 and 27009 is used on the server, then the port number can be omitted in the environment variable, but you must include the ‘@’ symbol before the name of the server. For example, @my_server.
    For example:
    • If you are using a single-server floating license, set the environment variable value to something similar to:
    • If you want to refer to more than one floating license server, set the environment variable value to something similar to:
      The master server appears first, and in this example is my_serverA. The entry for my_serverC is not preceded by a port number because in this example a default port number is being used.
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