5.3 How do I merge license files?

You can merge license files together if you are using more than one licensed application, or are adding a new feature to an existing license.

How you merge your license files depends on the type of license you have.
Combining node-locked licenses
Node-locked licenses can be combined if the host IDs embedded in each INCREMENT are the same. That is, if they have been generated for the same host ID.
To combine multiple node-locked licenses into a single file, copy and paste all of the INCREMENT lines from your separate license files into a new license file.
Combining floating licenses
Floating licenses can be combined when both the following conditions exist:
  • The number of SERVER lines in each license file is the same.
  • The host ID field of each SERVER line in one license file exactly matches the host ID field of each SERVER line in the other license file.
You can merge floating licenses together automatically using the ARM web licensing portal, or manually:
Automatic Method
In the ARM web licensing portal:
  1. Navigate to: Licensing > Licenses > Merge > Merge Licenses.
  2. Search for licenses for a particular host ID. All licenses with that particular host ID are returned.
  3. Select the licenses you want to merge.
  4. Click the Merge button.
Manual Method
To combine the license files:
  1. Open one of the license files with a text editor.
  2. Copy the other license file into the text editor and then remove any duplicate SERVER, VENDOR and USE_SERVER lines.
For example:
SERVER this_host <hostid>
VENDOR armlmd
Always use the newest version of lmgrd and the newest version of each vendor daemon, for example, armlmd, provided with your ARM products.
There are some examples that show this in more detail in the FlexNet License Administration Guide. A PDF of this document is available in your DS-5 installation at:


Be aware that you are not entitled to use the mechanism for merging licenses to also merge seats that have since been replaced by upgrade or update seats.


There are examples of license file merging in the FlexNet License Administration Guide.
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