7.10 Why am I getting "DENIED" messages in the server log?

DENIED is not necessarily an error message. It only indicates a real problem if there is a corresponding license failure reported on the client side.

The real failure can occur if a client invokes a tool and it cannot find a valid license file for that tool, and the failure is reported back to the client.
You might be getting a DENIED message if there are no seats available and the request is queued.
However, the message can also occur if you are using a merged license file with multiple versions of the tools. For instance, consider a floating license with both ARM Compiler toolchain v5.0 and ARM Compiler toolchain v4.1 components. If a user requests an ARM Compiler toolchain v5.0 compiler license and the floating license server locates the ARM Compiler toolchain v4.1 compiler license first, there is an immediate version mismatch and the request is denied and recorded in the server debug log. However, the server then continues to look through the available licenses and finds the ARM Compiler toolchain v5.0 license. The server then lets the user check out the license.
In the server debug log, a typical sequence of an initial license failure followed by a successful checkout looks like this:
6:35:09 (armlmd) DENIED: "compiler" user@mycomputer (License server does not support this version of this feature (-25,334))6:35:09 (armlmd) OUT: "compiler" user@mycomputer6:35:09 (armlmd) IN: "compiler" user@mycomputer
The initial DENIED is followed immediately by a successful checkout.
If you want to suppress such messages in the server log, you can use the command NOLOG DENIED in a server options file. Further information on options files can be found elsewhere. See the FlexNet License Administration Guide.
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