7.2 Server debug log reports “Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)”

A common cause for an invalid license key error message is that you have changed non-user editable parts of your license file.

The only parts of the license you are allowed to edit are the host name and the floating license server daemon port numbers, and the daemon path name if it is set by default to path_to_armlmd. You can add certain content, such as a path to an option files or SORT syntax. See the FlexNet License Administration Guide.
The invalid license key message can also indicate that you are running an older version of the FlexNet floating license server software that is not compatible with the format of the license file that you have installed. This can happen if you upgrade your development tools to a later version.
See the FAQs in the ARM technical support website, under Tool Licensing, for more information about the versions of floating license server software that are compatible with versions of the ARM software development tools.
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