7.4 How can I tell how many floating licenses are in use?

You can run the lmutil lmstat command, with appropriate arguments, on the server to determine the number of floating license seats that are in use.

The floating license server log is not suitable for the purpose of usage analysis, because at high server loading or with certain types of license file configuration, you might get incomplete or misleading results.
The lmutil lmstat command can generate text output that indicates which user is using what version of a license component, and when the license was granted. By selecting the appropriate arguments, such as -i for information from the FEATURE or INCREMENT line for the specified feature, or -a for all information, you can collect snapshot information of your license usage. You can then run the output through a text parser if you want to analyze the data in more detail. More information on the lmutil lmstat command can be found elsewhere. See the FlexNet License Administration Guide.
Be aware that there is a trade-off between increased temporal resolution of your usage data and server loading, especially if you have a high turnover licensing environment. The lmutil lmstat command can consume a significant fraction of the CPU resource of your server, especially if the -a switch is used. At very high loadings, such as greater than 1000 checkouts per minute, the resulting data are known to be inaccurate because not all transactions can be recorded during the data collection period.
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