7.5 Server debug log reports “(armlmd) cannot open lock file” or “cannot communicate with lmgrd”

The lock file error most commonly occurs on a Unix/Linux system if a previous instance of the armlmd license daemon was not shut down properly.

Only one copy of armlmd can run on your floating license server at any given time. Attempting to start another copy of this daemon causes an error.
When the ARM license daemon, armlmd, is started, it creates a file called /var/tmp/lockarmlmd. If lmgrd terminates abnormally, armlmd does not release the lock file because it might still be running. To solve this problem:
  1. Locate any license daemon processes. You can do this using the following command on Unix/Linux:
    ps -a | grep daemon_name
    where daemon_name is lmgrd or armlmd.
  2. Shut down lmgrd first.
  3. Next terminate these processes with:
    kill PID
    where PID is the process ID for the license daemon.
  4. Delete the /var/tmp/lockarmlmd if it still exists.
  5. You can now restart the floating license server.
If you are using Windows, use the Windows Task Manager to locate the lmgrd or armlmd processes. Shut down lmgrd first. Select the process, then click End Process.
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