7.8 About the options file

An option file allows you to specify user access to particular licensed features. You can create an options file in any text editor.

ARM recommends that your options file has the extension .opt. When complete, you must copy the options file to each of your ARM floating license servers.
The syntax for the options is as follows:
  • Some options, such as RESERVE, require that you specify the number of seats.
  • The RESERVE option puts aside a defined number of seats. You can specify an exact version of the feature if required.
  • The MAX option puts a limit on the number of seats of a given feature.
  • The EXCLUDE option prevents a user or group from being granted a license. This overrides any settings to include the user.
For information about other options and the complete syntax to use for all options, see Managing the Options File in the FlexNet License Administration Guide.

Example 7-1 Examples

The options file example demonstrates some of the key syntax. In this example, it is assumed that:
  • There are two defined project groups with defined users, and a set of build computers.
  • The administrator wants to limit the number of seats of a given feature on a group basis, and also wants to reserve ARM Compiler toolchain v5.0 compiler seats for particular users and clients.
  • A specific user is not to be granted an ARM Compiler toolchain v5.0 compiler license.
The following permissions and restrictions are required:
  • The build computers in the host_group buildbox must always have two compiler seats available, of no particular version.
  • Users in group project_talisker, user1 to user5, must not be given more than three fromelf licenses of any version between them.
  • Users in group project_macallan must always have one seat of compiler version 5.0 available.
  • User7 cannot ever obtain a compiler license of version 5.0, despite being in group project_macallan.
The following example contains the corresponding options file that satisfies the restrictions:
# License Options File example by ARM Limited
# -------------------------------------------
# This example should be modified as required for your own licensing # environment.
# Turn off case sensitivity for group and hostnames
# (Only valid in FlexNet 10.x.  In FLEXlm 9.x, you need to ensure that 
#  case of groups and hostnames is consistent, and comment out the following 
# line.)
# Groups are defined here
# --> use the form:  GROUP group_name user_list
GROUP project_talisker user1 user 2 user 3 user4 user5
GROUP project_macallan user6 user7 user8
# Host Groups are defined here
# --> use the form:  HOST_GROUP group_name host_list
HOST_GROUP buildbox buildpc01 buildpc02
# Define usage restrictions below
# --> use the form:  OPTION feature[:keyword=value] type {name | group_name}
RESERVE 2 compiler
HOST_GROUP buildboxMAX 3 fromelf
GROUP project_taliskerRESERVE 1 compiler:version=5.0
GROUP project_macallanEXCLUDE compiler:version=5.0
USER user7
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