7.14 Starting a new server debug log

You can create a new server debug log without restarting the floating license server by using the lmswitch command.

Regularly creating new debug logs, for example on a weekly basis, can help you to maintain organized records of floating license server activity. You can use this command on the Windows or Unix/Linux command line. Change to the directory where your floating license server utilities are installed, then type the command:
lmutil lmswitch -c license_file_name armlmd new_logfile_name
specifies the fully qualified path name of the license file being used
specifies the fully qualified path name of the new server debug log file.
Your original log file is closed with a message that the server debug log is being switched to new_logfile_name. The top of new_logfile_name tells you the name of the previous server debug log file.
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