8.2 About installing the server software

Before any floating license can enable the use of your license-managed ARM product, you must install the FlexNet server software on your floating license server or servers and start the server running.


If the computer is acting only as a license management server, installation of the ARM software product on the server is not required.
Each ARM product that supports floating licensing provides the software for all supported floating license servers.
The FlexNet files can typically be found in one of the following places:
  • On the DVD-ROM or in the downloaded package. See the Getting Started document of your ARM product for details.
  • In a folder of your product installation. For DS-5, the FlexNet files are located in:
  • On the website from which you downloaded your product.
If you cannot locate the ARM floating license server utilities, either:
  • Download the FlexNet software files from the ARM support site.
  • Contact ARM License Support by email at license.support@arm.com .
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