8.5 Installing server software on Unix/Linux

Installing on Unix/Linux requires that you copy the FlexNet files, update the PATH environment variable, and run a file on the license server.

The floating license server software is normally supported on platforms of the same version as supported by your ARM product. However there are some exceptions.
Alternatively the floating license server utilities are available on the website from where you downloaded your product. If you do not have access to the ARM floating license server utilities, contact ARM License Support.
On any Unix/Linux server, install the server software as follows:


  1. Copy the files from the directory for your platform onto the server license machine.
  2. Put the destination directory on your PATH environment variable.


    Installing the floating license server software on remotely mounted disks is not recommended because of the additional network dependency.
  3. On the floating license server machine, change to your license utilities directory, and type:
    sh ./makelinks.sh
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