8.7 Starting a Windows server from the graphical user interface

You can start a Windows server from the graphical user interface.

To configure and start the floating license server software on a Windows server using the graphical user interface:


If you are adding a new license to a system with a running floating license server, you must stop the server, point the server to the new license file, then restart the server. If this is not done, the new license information might not be recognized by the license daemons. ARM does not recommend the use of the lmreread command.


  1. Start the lmtools.exe program..
  2. On the Server/License File tab, select the Configuration using Services option, as the figure shows.
    Figure 8-1 Selecting Configuration using Services
    Selecting Configuration using Services

  3. Click the Config Services tab to display the dialog as the following figure shows. This example shows the dialog with typical paths entered.
    Figure 8-2 Server setup dialog
    Server setup dialog

  4. Enter the paths that specify the required files, or click the browse buttons to locate and select the files. You must specify paths for the following:
    • Executable file lmgrd.exe.
    • License file license.dat.
    • Log file, which is debug.log in this example.


    The server log file can become very large, so it might be necessary for you to control its size.
  5. If you require the server software to start running automatically when the server computer is turned on:
    1. Select the Use Services checkbox.
    2. Select the Start Server at Power Up checkbox.
  6. Click Save Service.
  7. At the prompt, confirm saving the FlexNet License Manager service.
  8. Click the Start/Stop/Reread tab, and ensure that the FlexNet License Manager service is selected.
  9. Click Start Server to start running the floating license server software.
  10. Check whether the floating license server started successfully:
    1. Click the Server Status tab.
    2. Click Perform Status Enquiry.
    3. The status information shows that the floating license server and vendor daemon are both UP, followed by a licensed feature usage list. Any floating license server errors are shown in the status information.
  11. After you have started the floating license server, you can use a text editor, such as Notepad, to inspect the server debug log file.
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