6.1 License apparently missing error

When you try to run an ARM licensed product, you might see a message that says that a license cannot be obtained.

FlexNet error -1: Cannot find license file

If you get a FlexNet licensing error stating that the license file cannot be found, it might be because there is not a valid license file on the license search path shown in the error message.

If you are using a node-locked license, use the ARM License Manager to install the permanent license file.

If you are using a floating license, you can manually configure the client to use the permanent license file.

FlexNet error -5: No such feature exists

If you see a license error message stating that no such feature exists, you might be trying to use a component for which there is no corresponding line in the license file. Possible causes are:

  • You might have previously used a license for an evaluation version of the ARM tools but have since installed the full version. If you do not reconfigure your client computer to use the full tools license, you are not be able to use the full version, even if the evaluation license has not expired. You must use a license compatible with the type of tools you have installed on your computer. To solve this problem, remove any old or expired licenses and reconfigure your client computer to use your new license.

  • You might be trying to use a feature that is available only in the Professional version of the product, but you do not have a license for the Professional version of the product. You must purchase license fort he Professional version to use the feature.

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