Internal errors and other unexpected failures

Internal errors in the compiler are typically errors that have occurred but have not yet been documented, or they might point to a potential issue in the compiler itself.

For example:

Internal fault: [0x87ecef:410591]


If you see an internal fault, contact your supplier.

To facilitate the investigation, try to send only the single source file or function that is causing the error, plus the compiler options used when compiling the code.

It might be necessary to preprocess the file (that is, to take account of files added with #include). To do this, pass the file through the preprocessor as follows:

armcc <options> -E sourcefile.c > PPsourcefile.c

where <options> are your normal compile switches, such as -O2, -g, -I, -D, but without -c.

Check that the error is still reproducible with the preprocessed file by compiling it with:

armcc <options> -c PPsourcefile.c

and then provide the PPsourcefile.c file and your compile <options> to your supplier.

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