General changes between RVCT v3.1 for µVision and RVCT v4.0 for µVision

The following changes affect multiple tools:

Show/hideRestrictions on --fpu

--fpu=VFPv2 or --fpu=VFPv3 are only accepted if CPU architecture is greater than or equal to ARMv5TE. This affects all tools that accept --fpu.


The assembler assembles VFP instructions when you use the --unsafe option, so do not use --fpu when using --unsafe. If you use --fpu with --unsafe, the assembler downgrades the reported architecture error to a warning.

Show/hideRemove support for v5TExP and derivatives, and all ARMv5 architectures without T

The following --cpu choices are obsolete and have been removed:

  • 5

  • 5E

  • 5ExP

  • 5EJ

  • 5EWMMX2

  • 5EWMMX

  • 5TEx

  • ARM9E-S-rev0

  • ARM946E-S-rev0

  • ARM966E-S-rev0.

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