4.2.1 Use of C++11 with the ARM C++ Standard Libraries

ARM Compiler provides the different types of C++ library.

The libraries provided are:
  • The runtime library containing support for language features, such as exceptions.
  • The Rogue Wave C++ standard library.

Changes in the standard libraries from ARM Compiler 5.05

The Rogue Wave C++ standard library implements the C++98 standard. There is no support for the C++11 library standard.

Using the runtime libraries from previous versions of ARM Compiler

Older releases of the ARM Compiler runtime library do not contain support for the new language runtime changes. You must compile your C++11 code with the --cpp_compat language option to prevent the compiler from using features that require updated runtime library support.

C++11 compatibility mode

A command line option --cpp_compat has been added to armcc and armlink.
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