4.4.5. SysTick design hints and tips

The SysTick counter runs on the processor clock. If your implementation stops the processor clock signal for low power mode, the SysTick counter stops.

Ensure software uses aligned word accesses to access the SysTick registers.

The SysTick counter reload and current values are optionally undefined at reset, the optional correct initialization sequence for the SysTick counter is:

  1. Program reload value.

  2. Clear current value.

  3. Program Control and Status register.

In addition, the CMSIS provides a number of functions for SysTick control, including:

Table 4.38. CMSIS functions for SysTick control

CMSIS SysTick control functionDescription
uint32_t SysTick_Config(uint32_t ticks)Creates a periodic SysTick interrupt using the SysTick timer, with a interval defined by the ticks parameter

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