3.5.16. UADD16 and UADD8

Unsigned Add 16 and Unsigned Add 8.


op{cond} {Rd,} Rn, Rm



Is one of:


Performs two 16-bit unsigned integer additions.


Performs four 8-bit unsigned integer additions.


Is an optional condition code. See Conditional execution.


Is the destination register. If Rd is omitted, the destination register is Rn.


Is the first operand register.


Is the second operand register.


Use these instructions to add 16- and 8-bit unsigned data.

The UADD16 instruction:

  1. Adds each halfword from the first operand to the corresponding halfword of the second operand.

  2. Writes the unsigned result in the corresponding halfwords of the destination register.

The UADD8 instruction:

  1. Adds each byte of the first operand to the corresponding byte of the second operand.

  2. Writes the unsigned result in the corresponding byte of the destination register.


Do not use SP and do not use PC.

Condition flags

These instructions set the APSR.GE bits according to the results of the additions.

For UADD16:

if ConditionPassed() then
   sum1 = UInt(R[n]<15:0>) + UInt(R[m]<15:0>);
   sum2 = UInt(R[n]<31:16>) + UInt(R[m]<31:16>);
   R[d]<15:0> = sum1<15:0>;
   R[d]<31:16> = sum2<15:0>;
   APSR.GE<1:0> = if sum1 >= 0x10000 then '11' else '00';
   APSR.GE<3:2> = if sum2 >= 0x10000 then '11' else '00';

For UADD8:

if ConditionPassed() then
   sum1 = UInt(R[n]<7:0>) + UInt(R[m]<7:0>);
   sum2 = UInt(R[n]<15:8>) + UInt(R[m]<15:8>);
   sum3 = UInt(R[n]<23:16>) + UInt(R[m]<23:16>);
   sum4 = UInt(R[n]<31:24>) + UInt(R[m]<31:24>);
   R[d]<7:0> = sum1<7:0>;
   R[d]<15:8> = sum2<7:0>;
   R[d]<23:16> = sum3<7:0>;
   R[d]<31:24> = sum4<7:0>;
   APSR.GE<0> = if sum1 >= 0x100 then '1' else '0';
   APSR.GE<1> = if sum2 >= 0x100 then '1' else '0';
   APSR.GE<2> = if sum3 >= 0x100 then '1' else '0';
   APSR.GE<3> = if sum4 >= 0x100 then '1' else '0';


UADD16 R1, R0      ; Adds halfwords in R0 to corresponding halfword of R1, 
                   ; writes to corresponding halfword of R1.
UADD8  R4, R0, R5  ; Adds bytes of R0 to corresponding byte in R5 and writes
                   ; to corresponding byte in R4.
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