2.9 The fromelf image converter command

fromelf allows you to convert ELF files into different formats and display information about them.

The features of the fromelf image converter include:
  • Converting an executable image in ELF executable format to other file formats.
  • Controlling debug information in output files.
  • Disassembling either an ELF image or an ELF object file.
  • Protecting intellectual property (IP) in images and objects that are delivered to third parties.
  • Printing information about an ELF image or an ELF object file.


The following examples show how to use fromelf:
fromelf --text -c -s --output=outfile.lst infile.axf
Creates a plain text output file that contains the disassembled code and the symbol table of an ELF image.
fromelf --bin --16x2 --output=outfile.bin infile.axf
Creates two files in binary format (outfile0.bin and outfile1.bin) for a target system with a memory configuration of a 16-bit memory width in two banks.
The output files in the last example are suitable for writing directly to a 16-bit Flash device.
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