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Version 6.00

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1 Compiler Command-line Options
1.1 -c
1.2 -D
1.3 -E
1.4 -e
1.5 -finline-functions, -fno-inline-functions
1.6 -fvectorize, -fno-vectorize
1.7 -I
1.8 -L
1.9 -l
1.10 -M
1.11 -MD
1.12 -MT
1.13 -marm
1.14 -mcpu
1.15 -mfpu
1.16 -mgeneral-regs-only
1.17 -mthumb
1.18 -o
1.19 -O
1.20 -rdynamic
1.21 -S
1.22 -std
1.23 --target
1.24 -u
1.25 --version
1.26 -Wl
1.27 -Xlinker
1.28 -x
1.29 -###
2 Compiler-specific Keywords and Operators
2.1 Compiler-specific keywords and operators
2.2 __alignof__
2.3 __asm
2.4 __declspec attributes
2.5 __declspec(noinline)
2.6 __declspec(noreturn)
2.7 __declspec(nothrow)
3 Compiler-specific Function, Variable, and Type Attributes
3.1 Function attributes
3.2 __attribute__((always_inline)) function attribute
3.3 __attribute__((const)) function attribute
3.4 __attribute__((constructor[(priority)])) function attribute
3.5 __attribute__((format_arg(string-index))) function attribute
3.6 __attribute__((malloc)) function attribute
3.7 __attribute__((no_instrument_function)) function attribute
3.8 __attribute__((nonnull)) function attribute
3.9 __attribute__((pcs("calling_convention"))) function attribute
3.10 __attribute__((pure)) function attribute
3.11 __attribute__((section("name"))) function attribute
3.12 __attribute__((used)) function attribute
3.13 __attribute__((unused)) function attribute
3.14 __attribute__((visibility("visibility_type"))) function attribute
3.15 __attribute__((weak)) function attribute
3.16 __attribute__((weakref("target"))) function attribute
3.17 Type attributes
3.18 __attribute__((aligned)) type attribute
3.19 __attribute__((packed)) type attribute
3.20 __attribute__((transparent_union)) type attribute
3.21 Variable attributes
3.22 __attribute__((alias)) variable attribute
3.23 __attribute__((aligned)) variable attribute
3.24 __attribute__((deprecated)) variable attribute
3.25 __attribute__((packed)) variable attribute
3.26 __attribute__((section("name"))) variable attribute
3.27 __attribute__((used)) variable attribute
3.28 __attribute__((unused)) variable attribute
3.29 __attribute__((weak)) variable attribute
3.30 __attribute__((weakref("target"))) variable attribute
4 Compiler-specific Pragmas
4.1 Compiler-specific pragmas
4.2 #pragma GCC system_header
4.3 #pragma once
4.4 #pragma pack(n)
4.5 #pragma weak symbol, #pragma weak symbol1 = symbol2
5 Other Compiler-specific Features
5.1 Predefined macros

List of Figures

4-1 Nonpacked structure S
4-2 Packed structure SP

List of Tables

1-1 Compiling without the -o option
3-1 Function attributes that the compiler supports, and their equivalents
5-1 Predefined macros

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