1.39 -mfloat-abi

Specifies whether to use hardware instructions or software library functions for floating-point operations, and which registers are used to pass floating-point parameters and return values.


Where value is one of:
Software library functions for floating-point operations and software floating-point linkage.
Hardware floating-point instructions and software floating-point linkage.
Hardware floating-point instructions and hardware floating-point linkage.


The -mfloat-abi option is not valid with AArch64 targets. AArch64 targets use hardware floating-point instructions and hardware floating-point linkage. However, you can prevent the use of floating-point instructions or floating-point registers for AArch64 targets with the -mcpu=name+nofp+nosimd option. Subsequent use of floating-point data types in this mode is unsupported.


The default for --target=arm-arm-none-eabi is softfp.
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