10.5.1 Template modifiers common to AArch32 state and AArch64 state

The following template modifiers are common to both AArch32 state and AArch64 state.

Valid for an immediate operand. Prints it as a plain value without a preceding #. Use this template modifier when using the operand in .word, or another data-generating directive, which needs an integer without the #.
Valid for an immediate operand. Prints the arithmetic negation of the value without a preceding #.


// This uses an operand as the value in the .word directive. The .word
// directive does not accept numbers with a preceeding #, so we use the 'c'
// template modifier to print just the value.
int foo() {
	int val;
	__asm (R"(
		  ldr %0, 1f
		  b 2f
		  .word %c1
		: "=r" (val)
		: "i" (0x12345678));
	return val;
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