3.32 __attribute__((packed)) variable attribute

You can specify the packed variable attribute on fields that are members of a structure or union. It specifies that a member field has the smallest possible alignment. That is, one byte for a variable field, and one bit for a bitfield, unless you specify a larger value with the aligned attribute.


    char a;
    int b __attribute__((packed));
} Variable_Attributes_packed_0;


You must access a packed member of a structure or union directly from a variable of the structure or union. Taking the address of such a member produces a normal pointer which might be unaligned. The compiler assumes that the pointer is aligned. Dereferencing such a pointer can be unsafe even when unaligned accesses are supported by the target, because certain instructions always require word-aligned addresses.


If you take the address of a packed member, in most cases, the compiler generates a warning.
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