11.20 --diag_suppress=tag[,tag,…]

Suppresses diagnostic messages that have a specific tag.



Where tag can be:

Diagnostic messages output by armasm can be identified by a tag in the form of {prefix}number, where the prefix is A.

You can specify more than one tag with this option by separating each tag using a comma.


For example, to suppress the warning messages that have numbers 1293 and 187, use the following command:

armasm --cpu=8-A.64 --diag_suppress=1293,187

You can specify the optional assembler prefix A before the tag number. For example:

armasm --cpu=8-A.64 --diag_suppress=A1293,A187

If any prefix other than A is included, the message number is ignored. Diagnostic message tags can be cut and pasted directly into a command line.

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