16.82 HVC

Hypervisor call to allow OS code to call the Hypervisor. It generates an exception targeting exception level 2 (EL2).


HVC #imm


Is a 16-bit unsigned immediate, in the range 0 to 65535. This value is made available to the handler in the Exception Syndrome Register.


Hypervisor Call causes an exception to EL2. Non-secure software executing at EL1 can use this instruction to call the hypervisor to request a service.

The HVC instruction is undefined:

  • At EL0, and Secure EL1.
  • When SCR_EL3.HCE is set to 0.

On executing an HVC instruction, the PE records the exception as a Hypervisor Call exception in ESR_ELx, using the EC value 0x16, and the value of the immediate argument.

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