11.19 --diag_style={arm|ide|gnu}

Specifies the display style for diagnostic messages.



Where string is one of:

Display messages using the legacy Arm compiler style.
Include the line number and character count for any line that is in error. These values are displayed in parentheses.
Display messages in the format used by gcc.


--diag_style=gnu matches the format reported by the GNU Compiler, gcc.

--diag_style=ide matches the format reported by Microsoft Visual Studio.

Choosing the option --diag_style=ide implicitly selects the option --brief_diagnostics. Explicitly selecting --no_brief_diagnostics on the command line overrides the selection of --brief_diagnostics implied by --diag_style=ide.

Selecting either the option --diag_style=arm or the option --diag_style=gnu does not imply any selection of --brief_diagnostics.


The default is --diag_style=arm.

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