14.123 VSLI

Vector Shift Left and Insert.


VSLI{cond}.size {Qd}, Qm, #imm

VSLI{cond}.size {Dd}, Dm, #imm



is an optional condition code.


must be one of 8, 16, 32, or 64.

Qd, Qm

are the destination vector and the operand vector, for a quadword operation.

Dd, Dm

are the destination vector and the operand vector, for a doubleword operation.


is the immediate value specifying the size of the shift, in the range 0 to (size - 1).


VSLI takes each element in a vector, left shifts them by an immediate value, and inserts the results in the destination vector. Bits shifted out of the left of each element are lost. The following figure shows the operation of VSLI with two elements and a shift value of one. The least significant bit in each element in the destination vector is unchanged.

Figure 14-7 Operation of quadword VSLI.64 Qd, Qm, #1
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