20.223 TRN1 (vector)

Transpose vectors (primary).


TRN1 Vd.T, Vn.T, Vm.T


Is the name of the SIMD and FP destination register.
Is an arrangement specifier, and can be one of 8B, 16B, 4H, 8H, 2S, 4S or 2D.
Is the name of the first SIMD and FP source register.
Is the name of the second SIMD and FP source register.


Transpose vectors (primary). This instruction reads corresponding even-numbered vector elements from the two source SIMD and FP registers, starting at zero, places each result into consecutive elements of a vector, and writes the vector to the destination SIMD and FP register. Vector elements from the first source register are placed into even-numbered elements of the destination vector, starting at zero, while vector elements from the second source register are placed into odd-numbered elements of the destination vector.


By using this instruction with TRN2, a 2 x 2 matrix can be transposed.

Depending on the settings in the CPACR_EL1, CPTR_EL2, and CPTR_EL3 registers, and the current Security state and Exception level, an attempt to execute the instruction might be trapped.

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