14.39 VCVT (between half-precision and single-precision floating-point)

Vector Convert.


VCVT{cond}.F32.F16 Qd, Dm

VCVT{cond}.F16.F32 Dd, Qm


is an optional condition code.
Qd, Dm
specifies the destination vector for the single-precision results and the half-precision operand vector.
Dd, Qm
specifies the destination vector for half-precision results and the single-precision operand vector.


VCVT with half-precision extension, converts each element in a vector in one of the following ways, and places the results in the destination vector:

  • From half-precision floating-point to single-precision floating-point (F32.F16).
  • From single-precision floating-point to half-precision floating-point (F16.F32).


This instruction is available in Arm®v8. In earlier architectures, it is only available in NEON systems with the half-precision extension.

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