15.19 VLSTM

Floating-point Lazy Store Multiple.


VLSTM{c}{q} Rn


Is an optional condition code. See Chapter 7 Condition Codes.
Is an optional instruction width specifier. See 13.2 Instruction width specifiers.
Is the general-purpose base register.

Architectures supported

Supported in Armv8‑M Main extension only.


Floating-point Lazy Store Multiple stores the contents of Secure floating-point registers to a prepared stack frame, and clears the Secure floating-point registers.

If floating-point lazy preservation is enabled (FPCCR.LSPEN == 1), then the next time a floating-point instruction other than VLSTM or VLLDM is executed:

  • The contents of Secure floating-point registers are stored to memory.
  • The Secure floating-point registers are cleared.

If Secure floating-point is not in use (CONTROL_S.SFPA == 0), this instruction behaves as a NOP.

This instruction is only available in Secure state, and is UNDEFINED in Non-secure state.

If the Floating-point extension is not implemented, this instruction is available in Secure state, but behaves as a NOP.

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