7.1.5 Scatter-loading command-line options

The command-line options to the linker give some control over the placement of data and code, but complete control of placement requires more detailed instructions than can be entered on the command line.

Complex memory maps

Placement of code and data in complex memory maps must be specified in a scatter file. You specify the scatter file with the option:


This instructs the linker to construct the image memory map as described in scatter_file.

You can use --scatter with the --base_platform linking model.

Simple memory maps

For simple memory maps, you can place code and data with with the following memory map related command-line options:

  • --bpabi.
  • --dll.
  • --partial.
  • --ro_base.
  • --rw_base.
  • --ropi.
  • --rwpi.
  • --rosplit.
  • --split.
  • --reloc.
  • --xo_base
  • --zi_base.


Apart from --dll, you cannot use --scatter with these options.
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