11.49 --first=section_id

Places the selected input section first in its execution region. This can, for example, place the section containing the vector table first in the image.



Where section_id is one of the following:


Selects the section that defines symbol. For example: --first=reset.

You must not specify a symbol that has more than one definition, because only one section can be placed first.


Selects section from object. There must be no space between object and the following open parenthesis. For example: --first=init.o(init).


Selects the single input section in object. For example: --first=init.o.

If you use this short form and there is more than one input section in object, armlink generates an error message.


The --first option cannot be used with --scatter. Instead, use the +FIRST attribute in a scatter file.

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