1.1.2 What the linker can accept as input

armlink can accept one or more object files from toolchains that support Arm® ELF.

Object files must be formatted as Arm ELF. This format is described in:

  • ELF for the Arm® Architecture (IHI 0044).
  • ELF for the Arm® 64-bit Architecture (AArch64) (IHI 0056).

Optionally, the following files can be used as input to armlink:

  • One or more libraries created by the librarian, armar.
  • A symbol definitions file.
  • A scatter file.
  • A steering file.
  • A Secure code import library when building a Non-secure image that needs to call a Secure image.
  • A Secure code import library when building a Secure image that has to use the entry addresses in a previously generated import library.
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