6.3.4 Load$$LR$$ load region symbols

The linker generates Load$$LR$$ symbols for every load region present in the image.

A Load$$LR$$ load region can contain many execution regions, so there are no separate $$RO and $$RW components.


Load$$LR$$load_region_name symbols apply only to load regions. Load$$region_name symbols apply only to execution regions.

The following table shows the symbols that the linker generates for every load region present in the image.

Table 6-3 Load$$LR$$ load region symbols

Symbol Description
Load$$LR$$load_region_name$$Base Address of the load region.
Load$$LR$$load_region_name$$Length Length of the load region.
Load$$LR$$load_region_name$$Limit Address of the byte beyond the end of the load region.
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