11.128 --startup=symbol, --no_startup

Enables the linker to use alternative C libraries with a different startup symbol if required.



By default, symbol is set to __main.

--no_startup does not take a symbol argument.


The linker includes the C library startup code if there is a reference to a symbol that is defined by the C library startup code. This symbol reference is called the startup symbol. It is automatically created by the linker when it sees a definition of main(). The --startup option enables you to change this symbol reference.

  • If the linker finds a definition of main() and does not find a definition of symbol, then it generates an error.

  • If the linker finds a definition of main() and a definition of symbol, but no entry point is specified, then it generates a warning.

--no_startup does not add a reference.


The default is --startup=__main.

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