11.120 --scatter=filename

Creates an image memory map using the scatter-loading description that is contained in the specified file.

The description provides grouping and placement details of the various regions and sections in the image.



Where filename is the name of a scatter file.


To modify the placement of any unassigned input sections when .ANY selectors are present, use the following command-line options with --scatter:

  • --any_contingency.
  • --any_placement.
  • --any_sort_order.

You cannot use the --scatter option with:

  • --bpabi.
  • --first.
  • --last.
  • --partial.
  • --reloc.
  • --ro_base.
  • --ropi.
  • --rosplit.
  • --rw_base.
  • --rwpi.
  • --split.
  • --xo_base.
  • --zi_base.

You can use --dll when specified with --base_platform.

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