ARM® Compiler armlink Reference Guide

Version 6.01

List of Topics

Conventions and feedback
Linker command-line options
--api, --no_api
--autoat, --no_autoat
--bestdebug, --no_bestdebug
--blx_arm_thumb, --no_blx_arm_thumb
--blx_thumb_arm, --no_blx_thumb_arm
--branchnop, --no_branchnop
--callgraph, --no_callgraph
--combreloc, --no_combreloc
--comment_section, --no_comment_section
--compress_debug, --no_compress_debug
--cppinit, --no_cppinit
--crosser_veneershare, --no_crosser_veneershare
--debug, --no_debug
--eager_load_debug, --no_eager_load_debug
--exceptions, --no_exceptions
--export_all, --no_export_all
--export_dynamic, --no_export_dynamic
--filtercomment, --no_filtercomment
--force_so_throw, --no_force_so_throw
--import_unresolved, --no_import_unresolved
--inline, --no_inline
--inlineveneer, --no_inlineveneer
--largeregions, --no_largeregions
--legacyalign, --no_legacyalign
--list_mapping_symbols, --no_list_mapping_symbols
--load_addr_map_info, --no_load_addr_map_info
--locals, --no_locals
--lto, --no_lto
--lto_keep_all_symbols, --no_lto_keep_all_symbols
--mangled, --unmangled
--map, --no_map
--merge, --no_merge
--muldefweak, --no_muldefweak
--piveneer, --no_piveneer
--preinit, --no_preinit
--ref_cpp_init, --no_ref_cpp_init
--ref_pre_init, --no_ref_pre_init
--remove, --no_remove
--scanlib, --no_scanlib
--startup, --no_startup
--strict_enum_size, --no_strict_enum_size
--strict_flags, --no_strict_flags
--strict_ph, --no_strict_ph
--strict_relocations, --no_strict_relocations
--strict_symbols, --no_strict_symbols
--strict_visibility, --no_strict_visibility
--strict_wchar_size, --no_strict_wchar_size
--symbols, --no_symbols
--tailreorder, --no_tailreorder
--thumb2_library, --no_thumb2_library
--veneershare, --no_veneershare
--xref, --no_xref
--xrefdbg, --no_xrefdbg
Linker steering file command reference
Scatter File Syntax
BNF notation used in scatter-loading description syntax
Syntax of a scatter file
About load region descriptions
Syntax of a load region description
Load region attributes
About execution region descriptions
Syntax of an execution region description
Execution region attributes
Address attributes for load and execution regions
Considerations when using a relative address +offset for load regions
Considerations when using a relative address +offset for execution regions
Inheritance rules for load region address attributes
Inheritance rules for execution region address attributes
Inheritance rules for the RELOC address attribute
About input section descriptions
Syntax of an input section description
How the linker resolves multiple matches when processing scatter files
Behavior when .ANY sections overflow because of linker-generated content
How the linker resolves path names when processing scatter files
About Expression evaluation in scatter files
Expression usage in scatter files
Expression rules in scatter files
Execution address built-in functions for use in scatter files
Scatter files containing relative base address load regions and a ZI execution region
ScatterAssert function and load address related functions
Symbol related function in a scatter file
Example of aligning a base address in execution space but still tightly packed in load space
AlignExpr(expr, align) function
GetPageSize() function
SizeOfHeaders() function
Via File Syntax
Overview of via files
Via file syntax

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