3.48 --qualify

Modifies the effect of the --fieldoffsets option so that the name of each output symbol includes an indication of the source file containing the relevant structure.


This enables the --fieldoffsets option to produce functional output even if two source files define different structures with the same name.

If the source file is in a different location from the current location, then the source file path is also included.


A structure called foo is defined in two headers for example, one.h and two.h.

Using fromelf --fieldoffsets, the linker might define the following symbols:

  • foo.a, foo.b, and foo.c.

  • foo.x, foo.y, and foo.z.

Using fromelf --qualify --fieldoffsets, the linker defines the following symbols:

  • oneh_foo.a, oneh_foo.b and oneh_foo.c.

  • twoh_foo.x, twoh_foo.y and twoh_foo.z.

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