6.2.7 Installing and running an Android application

Install and run an example application to test whether Android is running correctly.


Wait until the system reboot is complete, which can take several minutes, before carrying out this step.


  1. Ensure the adb client is available.

    On Linux:

    export PATH=$PATH:/opt/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools/
    adb connect localhost:5212

    On Windows:

    set PATH=%PATH%;<installation_directory>\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools
    adb connect localhost:5212


    adb port number 5212 on the localhost is used as an example. Replace it as required.
  2. Install an application, for example the Cube example.

    On Linux, for 32-bit Android:

    adb install <installation_directory>/GGA/examples/linux-armv7sfl/Cube.apk

    On Windows, for 32-bit Android:

    adb install <installation_directory>\GGA\examples\linux-armv7sfl\Cube.apk

    On Linux, for 64-bit Android:

    adb install <installation_directory>/GGA/examples/linux-armv8l_64/Cube.apk

    On Windows, for 64-bit Android:

    adb install <installation_directory>\GGA\examples\linux-armv8l_64\Cube.apk
  3. Run the Cube application. If Android is running, a spinning cube is displayed, as shown in the following screenshot:
    Figure 6-4 Mali cube

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