3.6.4 Base - simulator visualization component

This section describes the simulator visualization component.

Simulator visualization - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 3-18 Simulator visualization parameters

Parameter Allowed values Default value Description
cluster0_name - "Cluster0" Cluster0 name.
cluster1_name - "Cluster1" Cluster1 name.
cpu_name - "" Window title displays core name.
disable_visualisation true, false false Enables or disables visualization.
rate_limit-enable true, false true Rate limit simulation.
recorder.checkInstructionCount true, false true Checks instruction count in recording file against actual instruction count during playback.
recorder.playbackFileName - ""
Playback filename. An empty string disables playback.
recorder.recordingFileName - ""
Recording filename. An empty string disables recording.
recorder.recordingTimeBase - 0x5F5E100
Timebase in 1/s relative to the master clock. For example, 100 000 000 means 10 nanoseconds resolution simulated time for a 1Hz master clock. Used for recording. Higher values give a higher time resolution. Playback time base is always taken from the playback file.
recorder.verbose - 0x0
Enables verbose messages. 0x0, no messages. 0x1, normal. 0x2, more detail.
trap_key - 0x4a Trap key that works with left Ctrl to toggle mouse display.
window_title - "Fast Models - CLCD %cpu%" cpu_name replaces window title, %cpu%.
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