5.2.3 VE - memory map for peripherals in the CS2 region

This section describes the CS2 region.

Table 5-2 Memory map for peripherals in the CS2 region

Peripheral Modeled Address range Size GIC Int
VRAM - aliased Yes 0x0018000000-0x0019FFFFFF 32MB -a
Ethernet (SMSC 91C111) Yes 0x001A000000-0x001AFFFFFF 16MB 47
USB - unused No 0x001B000000-0x001BFFFFFF 16MB -
a The Interrupt signal column lists the values to use to program your interrupt controller. These values are after mapping the SPI number by adding 32. The interrupt numbers from the peripherals are modified by adding 32 to form the interrupt number that the GIC sees. GIC interrupts 0-31 are for internal use.
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