4.1 MPS2 - about

The Microcontroller Prototyping System 2 (MPS2) Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) model implements a subset of the functionality of the MPS2 hardware.

MPS2 model platforms include MPS2 components and generic ones, such as buses and timers.
MPS2 platforms are sufficiently accurate to boot the Keil® RTX RTOS and run the Blinky application.
To list the model parameters and their types, allowed values, default values, and descriptions, run the model, passing in the --list-params argument.
On Windows, the MPS2 components are in the %PVLIB_HOME%\examples\FVP_MPS2\LISA directory.
On Linux, the MPS2 components are in the $PVLIB_HOME/examples/FVP_MPS2/LISA directory.
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