5.2.5 VE - global memory map for secure_memory option

The VE model has a secure_memory option. Enabling this option changes the memory map for several peripherals.

The peripherals are at the same location, but hidden behind a TZSwitch.

Table 5-4 Memory map for secure_memory option

Peripheral Address range Functionality with secure_memory enabled
SecureRO Flash (CS0) 0x0000000000-0x0003FFFFFF Aborts on Non-secure accesses.
Secure SRAM 0x0004000000-0x000401FFFF Aborts on Non-secure accesses.
Peripherals 0x0008000000-0x007DFFFFFF Aborts on Secure accesses.
Secure DRAM 0x007e000000-0x007FFFFFFF Aborts on Non-secure accesses.
4GB DRAM (in 32-bit address space) 0x0080000000-0xFFFFFFFFFF Normal memory MPA, aborts on Secure accesses.
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