5.2.2 VE - global memory map

This section describes the global memory map.

Table 5-1 VE global memory map

Peripheral Modeled Address range Size
NOR FLASH0 (CS0) Yes 0x0000000000-0x0003FFFFFF 64MB
Reserved - 0x0004000000-0x0007FFFFFF 64MB
NOR FLASH0 alias (CS0) Yes 0x0008000000-0x000BFFFFFF 64MB
NOR FLASH1 (CS4) Yes 0x000C000000-0x000FFFFFFF 64MB
Unused (CS5) - 0x0010000000-0x0013FFFFFF -
PSRAM (CS1) - unused No 0x0014000000-0x0017FFFFFF -
Peripherals (CS2) Yes 0x0018000000-0x001BFFFFFF 64MB
Peripherals (CS3) Yes 0x001C000000-0x001FFFFFFF 64MB
CoreSight and peripherals No 0x0020000000-0x002CFFFFFFa -
Graphics space No 0x002D000000-0x002D00FFFF -
System SRAM Yes 0x002E000000-0x002EFFFFFF 64KB
Ext AXI No 0x002F000000-0x007FFFFFFF -
4GB DRAM (in 32-bit address space)b Yes 0x0080000000-0x00FFFFFFFF 2GB
Unused - 0x0100000000-0x07FFFFFFFF -
4GB DRAM (in 36-bit address space)b Yes 0x0800000000-0x08FFFFFFFF 4GB
Unused - 0x0900000000-0x7FFFFFFFFF -
4GB DRAM (in 40-bit address space)b Yes 0x8000000000-0xFFFFFFFFFF 4GB
The private peripheral region address 0x2c000000 is mapped in this region. The parameter PERIPHBASE can be used to map the peripherals to a different address.
b The model contains only 4GB of DRAM. The DRAM memory address space is aliased across the three different regions and where the mapped address space is greater than 4GB.
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