3.1 Introduction

This section describes how to use MxScript commands with Model Debugger.


ARM deprecates MxScript in favor of Python Debug Script.
MxScript commands can be executed by Model Debugger in the following ways:
Executing a single command from Model Debugger
Some execution and debugging features of Model Debugger can be controlled by entering an MxScript command in the Output window. Enter the command text into the command line, located to the right of the cmd> button, and click cmd>.
Executing a script from Model Debugger
To run a script file after Model Debugger has started, enter loadScript(“filename”) in the Output window command line.
Specifying a script file at Model Debugger startup
Enter one of the following options on the command line to execute a script file in Model Debugger:
  • modeldebugger --script filename
  • modeldebugger -s filename
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