A.6.7. CADISimulation::GetTargetInfos()

This method obtains info about the targets that are provided when the simulation is instantiated.

virtual CADIReturn_t GetTargetInfos(uint32_t startTargetInfoIndex,
                                    uint32_t desirednumberOfTargetInfos,
                                    CADITargetInfo_t *targetInfoList,
                                    uint32_t *actualNumberOfTargetInfos) = 0;

is the index of first target info to return. If startTargetIndex exceeds the maximum target index, CADI_STATUS_IllegalArgument is returned.


is the required number of target infos to return.

Array simulationList must have at least this size.


is an array of target informations returned. This array must be allocated by the caller. The minimum size of this array is desiredNumberOfTargetInfos.


is the actual number of target infos returned.

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